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Production steps:

(delivery time 6-8 weeks)

  1. Washing and drying the wool
  2. Dyeing the wool and mixing the melange
  3. Carding the wool mixture. Spinning the yarn and milling
  4. Knotting the Carpet (Gördes knot)
  5. Shearing the carpet surface and knotting off the carpet
  6. Providing with border ribbon or fringes and the finishing
  7. Quality control and delivery


Berber Knotting Tradition – Knot by Knot Masterly Handicraft with Heart

The natural white, light Berber is a classic in the world of carpets. Nowadays the knotted products of the old nomads have developed into high quality products, which are knotted for us by hand in the kingdom of Morocco. The production of our knotted carpets starts with the pure new wool, which is washed, dried and provided with moth conservation – needless to say completely harmless for the health of people and animals. The wool is then ready for the so-called fluff dyeing. Naturally the colours used are all inspected, heavy metal-free quality products from Switzerland. The wool mixture is produced after the dyeing according to especially developed formulations. The mixtures give the carpets a mottled look, reminiscent of a pebble beach or sand dunes.
The dry wool is then carded. The singlecolour, mottled or natural coloured wool can now be spun to yarn, which is then gently milled before it goes into the production process. This renders the carpet highly durable and soil resistant, which means low maintenance. After preparing the knotting instructions and tensing the chaining threads on the knotting chair, the knotting may start. For this the Turkish or Gördes knot is used, which are cut off one by one. Although several women work side by side on one chair, it takes -depending on the kind of pattern – several weeks to completely finish one carpet. The finished carped is then knotted off
and provided with a border ribbon or fringes. It gets the last finish with the shearing of the whole surface in order to get an even pile height. The last threads are cut off by hand if necessary. After a final quality control, the carpet can be delivered to its new home. To reach this stage takes about six to eight weeks.

Manufacture: handwoven carpets
the dyeing is done at PAULIG the highest environmental standards.

paulig women at workWomen at workpaulig knotting processthe knotting processpaulig knotting process
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