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The human being is the center of attention. Everybody is an important part of the whole

PAULIG’s guideline gets to the point regarding how our company thinks, feels and acts. Contentment and fairness are the result of teamwork and caring team spirit. Respecting each other and acknowledgement are a matter of course. Thanks to the always open doors and ears you can sense this holistic feeling. Straightforward and open-minded as well as being quick and reliable – that is our target. For ourselves and for the benefit of our customers.

Anyone who enters our company home in Schwarzach at once feels welcome. The far eastern architecture, which is modern and airy in design, represents calmness, let you find new strength and is a cradle of creativity. The aesthetics of the bright airy atmosphere, reminiscent of Japanese architecture, is really inspiring with its harmonic proportions and integrated flora. An Inspiration which is reflected in the wide range and beauty of our products. The center of our 2800 m2 domain is the atrium garden which can be seen from all sides. An oasis with a babbling water­fall, a place of interaction or calmness– whatever you need to feel good.
Detail of Zen garden Paulig
paulig firmensitz
Paulig headquarters Schwarzach. View from the showroom in the Zen Garden
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