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All matters arise from small origins. (Cicero)

The savvy clothier master, Johann Christian Paulig, laid the foundation for today’s PAULIG carpet company in the Brandenburg town of Sommerfeld in 1750.
In 1835, Johann’s son, Benjamin, was already working in the weaving mill with the first steam engine in the textile industry in continental Europe. From generation to generation, the family has remained loyal to the textile industry.
After the Second World War, fate guided Willi Paulig to flee to Lower Franconia. With five looms, he founded his first weaving mill in the castle of the family Franckenstein in Ullstadt in 1945. Here, the first rag rugs were made of parachute silk.
Later, in 1949, Willi founded the company PAMA (Paulig Marktbreit) in the small, idyllic town of Marktbreit. After two years in a rented building he decided to build his own company base, also in Marktbreit.
Willi’s son Wilfried Paulig joined the company in 1954 and, as the eldest child, took over the management of the business in 1972. By this time already 200 employees were part of the permanent force in Marktbreit. In 1972, the PAMA company relocated to Kitzingen. At the end of the 70s the first production site for patterned hand-woven carpets was opened in Morocco. In 1988, Wilfried Paulig’s sons, Thomas and Christian, joined the PAMA company.
The first weaving mill in Hungary was founded back in 1991. In the mid-1990’s, Hungarpet Kft. was expanded with the spinning mill into a full-­service manufactory.
In 1995, Wilfried’s son Thomas took over the company and first expanded the brands offered by Paulig with the takeover of HARO®-­TEPPICHE (2003) and then added to the pro­duct range with MAKALU® DESIGN (2006) and its hand-knotted carpets from Nepal.
In the spring of 2004, Christian Paulig became a shareholder in the company. The company PAULIG MAROKKO TEXTILE (PMT) was founded in 2004 and expanded into a full-service manufactory with spinning and weaving mills.
In November of 2004, the administration and employees of Paulig Teppichweberei GmbH moved into the new building in Schwarzach am Main. In 2015, the Paulig Teppichweberei GmbH will celebrate its 70th anniversary.
above: in 1840, the chimney of the old factory Paulig between tower and tower constable
paulig fabrik heute
Today: Paulig headquarters in Schwarzach am Main. Visit us!
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